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Commissioned by Carnegie Hall as part of its 125 Commission Project, Make A Joyful Noize is a multimedia universe that blends music, film, interviews, spoken word and dance to capture the visceral, contagious and unapologetic energy of black joy. 


Behind every movement is a soundtrack that mobilizes change and inspires the leaders for generations to come. Soundtrack ‘63 is a live, multimedia musical performance exploring the African-American experience in the United States. The production uses immersive video scored by an orchestral ensemble and soul stirring vocalist to tell a story of tragedy, triumph and transcendence.

*Originally commissioned by 651 ARTS in 2012.



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Soul Science Lab’s 10 Trane explores the life and evolution of John Coltrane's journey to self-discovery that shook up the world and continues to inspire generations. As a millennial tribute to the icon, the concert covers Coltrane jazz classics, original music and popular hip-hop Coltrane-influenced tracks that tell the story of the musician’s transformation.

The Renaissance Mixtape (RMT) is a mixed reality theatrical concert that follows two young artists from similar legacies, on parallel paths during a contemporary artistic renaissance in New York City. Under the direction of Awoye Timpo, The Renaissance Mixtape weaves immersive elements, original music and narrative text to bring the audience into an exciting journey where past meets present. 

Commissioned by the Apollo, The Renaissance Mixtape will premiere with the opening of Apollo's Victoria Theater in 2023.

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