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Commissioned by Carnegie Hall as part of its 125 Commission Project, Make A Joyful Noize is a multimedia universe that blends music, film, interviews, spoken word and dance to capture the visceral, contagious and unapologetic energy of black joy. Joy gives us a reason to live, even when it seems life has forsaken us. Black joy is entertainment, therapy, self-love and salvation. It is the force that allows us to still laugh and love. It is a special magic that sets the world on fire. MAJN presents the majesty of black joy through spirit, pain, resistance and love as a healing force for transformation. The visual and musical curation is unfiltered and unapologetic Black joy -- a special kind of healing and magic that sets the world on fire.

Celebrate Joy with Us!

Soul Science Lab and Carnegie Hall provide an all-access look into the creation of their forthcoming visual album—Make a Joyful Noize. Follow musicians Chen Lo and Asante’ Amin—the creative duo behind Soul Science Lab as they lead you on a journey of Black joy and self-discovery.

Watch the premiere live on YouTube on May 26th @ 7pm ET or stream live on Facebook.

MAJN Curriculum

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In this set of learning experiences, students will be asked to explore different ways that musical artists respond to the world around them. Artists of Soul Science Lab—Chen Lo and Asante Amin—give students a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of their musical world. Students engage with Soul Science Lab’s music, lyrics, and inspiration, they will also be challenged to forge their own identities as creators. And much much more!

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Imagine a world full of art that presents Black Joy in all of its majesty, as a Healing Force for Transformation.

But first, let's start with the butterfly...

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The Main Metaphor

Black People are Butterflies. The MAJN universe aligns the stages of a butterfly's development to the origins, realities and possibilities of the Black experience.

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