The innovative afro-futuristic griots, Chen Lo and Asante' Amin make up the music production company known collectively as Soul Science Lab. Their kids music journeys toward communal elevation, self- and cultural-awareness celebrations through creativity, the duo possesses a unique approach to their work. Harnessing everything from soul to funk to hip-hop, educational themes and interactive digital experiences, these soul scientists seamlessly blend fun grooves and empowering tunes that resonate with our next 2.0 generation. 

At it's core, Soul Science Lab has an empowering approach to self-expression. Their music is about legacy building and inspiring the minds that will change the world.  The Soul Science Kids debut kids/family EP features lead singles "Passport Kids" and "Imagination" (Soul Science Kids album forthcoming Spring 2018)

For booking inquiries, please e-mail jasu [at] presstheory [dot] com

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