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It is important for all of us to find ways to support each other to get through this time. In light of the shift occurring in our world due to the impact of COVID-19, we want to share some resources we found that have been shared with us in hopes that it may be helpful to our artist/freelancer/creative community. The emergency relief funds, grants, fellowships and other financial assistance included in the below lists apply to a wide range of creatives, including musicians, actors, producers, fine artists, writers, photographers, DJs, dancers, playwrights, non-profits, and several others, so please review thoroughly -- you might find an opportunity to support you! 


Soul Science Lab's curated list of artist resources: COVID-19 Artist Relief Resources


CoViD-19 artist resource lists by other organizations: 

We hope that this info will be helpful to you, your loved ones and your networks (yes, please feel free to share!). We’re still connected and dedicated to supporting our families, communities and networks. Let’s continue to lift each other through this time. We are resilient people and going to get through this together.



Note: If you have information and/or access to other helpful resources or opportunities, please share with us as well @soulsciencelab OR email us at soulsciencelab.com.  

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